Try not to LOSE

I was sitting inside the packed glass showroom in front of one humanoid and some amount of artificial breathable air. She passed from outside the road like a feather in the whirlpool. She smiled but I couldn’t catch her smile. After that I sat at the same place thinking she will come soon. But in next moment I noticed one family walking on the same street. Family was so hungry, migrated from village, small children were looking at mannequins inside the packed showroom and mother is indirectly asking to her husband to buy those lovely get up for their children. Children’s father were walking straight with the burden of expectations and unavoidable emotions. I took my mobile to capture that real essence of emotion in my camera but in few seconds after that desire the family moved out of my frame. I was still sitting there and thinking of those incidences. One incidence was of that girl smiled and passed like a feather in whirlpool and other was a photogenic image of grungy appearing village family which could have some good instagram likes. I missed both of those and understood one thing that nothing is permanent. This doesn’t mean we should always move from one thing to other but it simply means we should try to hold those moments by gaining proper attention at proper time and moving our hands and legs to catch them by opening the doors of packed and artificial surrounding of our existence


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