Golden Glitch

Again I saw something from sitting inside the packed glass..and ohhhhhh yes it was a golden glitch !

Why should we always pollute the face of politician when we see someone going from white car (without any government type symbols adorned), wearing heavy golden bracelets and sitting back and talking on phone and his driver driving to suit like some important fellas car he is driving. So all this scenario may sound like “passing political jumbo” or something but it should not always be like this. That’s why I say it as a golden glitch. Why golden ? because we apply such scenarios like “golden rule” to some particular identities of our society like politicians, builders, gundaas (mafia don) etc. This is how we mistake experiencing the things in front our eyes differently. Because we see what we receive and we receive what we see by our pre conceived eyes. Yes and that’s why a GOLDEN GLITCH instead of GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. This is how our creativity damages. 

Instead of looking that person which we are thinking he must be like politician, builder, mafia don by his typical get up; why we can’t think like he must be the peace leader talking on some important issue with his colleague and all that exterior get up is just shyam. Why we can’t think like he must be a yoga teacher who is attending some acting classes on daily basis and for the sake of method acting project on such mafia don or so called politician like characters he is wearing that get up. So this WHY should strike before any preconceived judgement.

So the conclusion of mine regarding this topic is, “don’t waste your time in thinking like such stereotypical ‘golden glitch’ type mentality”. Do something by the way you don’t do it like everyday. Think something like you don’t think like everyday, every minute and every second of your precious life. 


2 thoughts on “Golden Glitch

  1. I see you can be a good writer too my friend..Your writings are so sophisticated..Try to make it more will be then become a extreme thinker..


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