Guilty Glue

This is the story of a guy named ‘Guilty Glue’. Guilty Glue was living in the fast growing metropolitan city named ‘Sticky-Weak’. Steaky Weak was such a city where you will find all people working to stick as many currency notes to their belongings as possible, to store them for the future use. All people stuck it hard like they will be permanently adhering the same amount without losing it or wasting it anywhere. Money flooded over the belongings of people living in Sticky-Weak. Guilty Glue was observing these motives and actions of people living in Sticky-Weak city. Guilty-Glue found that people are not asking for true emotions and true motives but they are just running behind the monetary gain. People in the Sticky-Weak city are soon going to become Richy-Rich by sticking all the money to their belongings. This created inflation of true emotions and true motives in Steaky-Weak city. Because of this inflation, common man started having problems to afford true emotions and true motives. That’s why people who couldn’t afford such true emotions and true motives started craving for the same things. Guilty Glue living in the same city noticed this reality and got fantastic idea in his mind. He entered into the politics with the help of those Richy Rich people by committing them that they would have more money to stick to their belongings if they help him to enter in the politics.  In this type finally Guilty Glue entered in politics and he who observed the common man and their problems thoroughly, decided to take a revolutionary decision for their betterment. He took the decision of banning the use of glued currency and creating the new currency with new laws to use it. This decision hampered those Richy-Rich personality’s motives. This new currency came with free true emotions and free true motives and extra tax for those who are going to boycott those free things and making them only for the use of purchase or monetary gain. This decision surprisingly changed the scenario of the Sticky-Weak city.People those who are running only behind the monetary gain started using the free true emotions and free true motives which ultimately transformed those Richy-Rich personalities into a Happy Common Man who again started living with the union by sharing love and affection. These all changes tested the patience of everyone. Thess all good had happened because of Guilty Glue, who never thought or felt guilty of what he is doing. He never felt Guilty when he is going to do something good for himself and his society. 

This story simply gives the message of not being guilty when you are doing something good for someone. 

When your emotions and motives are true, they ultimately will result in some fruitful business.


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