Rational Omelette

One day I was very hungry and my kitchen was totally empty. I was sitting at the door and thinking to have some good food. I was not even having a Penny to buy some food and also there were no single shop near walkable distance of my lonely little house. It was the month of Hunger Moon and I was also hungry and sitting at the door with empty plate and a golden spoon. Refractory sleep, augmenting borborygmus and the resulted weakness were the thieves who are trying to rob my hunger. Ultimately the weakness resulted in uncontrollable vibrations suggesting abating power in my body. I was not even able to hold tightly that plate and golden spoon. So they both started ringing because the spoon held  in one hand was vibrating over the plate held in other hand. That sound made one hen to woke up and come down near my door. The hen was actually living at the top of the roof of my house where I could not have scope to scratch her secure place. Hen came down and asked me to have her little egg for making omelette to fulfill my hunger. Actually that egg was about to give a birth to a new small hen but I was also wondering about what to do of my painstaking hunger ? Hen cleverly managed to understand my situation and she went into the kitchen grabbing down my empty plate and came out with the ‘Rational Omelette’.

This fictional story gives the message of ‘unconditional help’. We human beings often find helping to our commune, our belongings, our cast, our culture and fail to extend the same which we think and define ‘not ours’. But when we are in the worst situation or problem, we feel that anyone from around should help. This is the selfish and punky behavior of mankind which needs to be changed for the betterment of our society and ultimately the world we are living in.


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