Our Sentiments

I want to Change

Not my Cast & Creed by mere alterations of Names

Not my Gender & Genetics by mere alterations of Body Segments

Not my Relation & Relatives by mere alterations of id, ego and superego trends

Not my Undergaments & Hairs under those Garments by mere alterations of Beauty treatments

Not my Beer Bottles & Cigarettes by mere alterations of Health awarness

Not my Sex appeals & Saintly interests by mere alterations of Girlfriends

I want to Change

Not my, but OUR ‘losely bounded Sentiments’


Guilty Glue

This is the story of a guy named ‘Guilty Glue’. Guilty Glue was living in the fast growing metropolitan city named ‘Sticky-Weak’. Steaky Weak was such a city where you will find all people working to stick as many currency notes to their belongings as possible, to store them for the future use. All people stuck it hard like they will be permanently adhering the same amount without losing it or wasting it anywhere. Money flooded over the belongings of people living in Sticky-Weak. Guilty Glue was observing these motives and actions of people living in Sticky-Weak city. Guilty-Glue found that people are not asking for true emotions and true motives but they are just running behind the monetary gain. People in the Sticky-Weak city are soon going to become Richy-Rich by sticking all the money to their belongings. This created inflation of true emotions and true motives in Steaky-Weak city. Because of this inflation, common man started having problems to afford true emotions and true motives. That’s why people who couldn’t afford such true emotions and true motives started craving for the same things. Guilty Glue living in the same city noticed this reality and got fantastic idea in his mind. He entered into the politics with the help of those Richy Rich people by committing them that they would have more money to stick to their belongings if they help him to enter in the politics.  In this type finally Guilty Glue entered in politics and he who observed the common man and their problems thoroughly, decided to take a revolutionary decision for their betterment. He took the decision of banning the use of glued currency and creating the new currency with new laws to use it. This decision hampered those Richy-Rich personality’s motives. This new currency came with free true emotions and free true motives and extra tax for those who are going to boycott those free things and making them only for the use of purchase or monetary gain. This decision surprisingly changed the scenario of the Sticky-Weak city.People those who are running only behind the monetary gain started using the free true emotions and free true motives which ultimately transformed those Richy-Rich personalities into a Happy Common Man who again started living with the union by sharing love and affection. These all changes tested the patience of everyone. Thess all good had happened because of Guilty Glue, who never thought or felt guilty of what he is doing. He never felt Guilty when he is going to do something good for himself and his society. 

This story simply gives the message of not being guilty when you are doing something good for someone. 

When your emotions and motives are true, they ultimately will result in some fruitful business.

Rational Omelette

One day I was very hungry and my kitchen was totally empty. I was sitting at the door and thinking to have some good food. I was not even having a Penny to buy some food and also there were no single shop near walkable distance of my lonely little house. It was the month of Hunger Moon and I was also hungry and sitting at the door with empty plate and a golden spoon. Refractory sleep, augmenting borborygmus and the resulted weakness were the thieves who are trying to rob my hunger. Ultimately the weakness resulted in uncontrollable vibrations suggesting abating power in my body. I was not even able to hold tightly that plate and golden spoon. So they both started ringing because the spoon held  in one hand was vibrating over the plate held in other hand. That sound made one hen to woke up and come down near my door. The hen was actually living at the top of the roof of my house where I could not have scope to scratch her secure place. Hen came down and asked me to have her little egg for making omelette to fulfill my hunger. Actually that egg was about to give a birth to a new small hen but I was also wondering about what to do of my painstaking hunger ? Hen cleverly managed to understand my situation and she went into the kitchen grabbing down my empty plate and came out with the ‘Rational Omelette’.

This fictional story gives the message of ‘unconditional help’. We human beings often find helping to our commune, our belongings, our cast, our culture and fail to extend the same which we think and define ‘not ours’. But when we are in the worst situation or problem, we feel that anyone from around should help. This is the selfish and punky behavior of mankind which needs to be changed for the betterment of our society and ultimately the world we are living in.

Golden Glitch

Again I saw something from sitting inside the packed glass..and ohhhhhh yes it was a golden glitch !

Why should we always pollute the face of politician when we see someone going from white car (without any government type symbols adorned), wearing heavy golden bracelets and sitting back and talking on phone and his driver driving to suit like some important fellas car he is driving. So all this scenario may sound like “passing political jumbo” or something but it should not always be like this. That’s why I say it as a golden glitch. Why golden ? because we apply such scenarios like “golden rule” to some particular identities of our society like politicians, builders, gundaas (mafia don) etc. This is how we mistake experiencing the things in front our eyes differently. Because we see what we receive and we receive what we see by our pre conceived eyes. Yes and that’s why a GOLDEN GLITCH instead of GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. This is how our creativity damages. 

Instead of looking that person which we are thinking he must be like politician, builder, mafia don by his typical get up; why we can’t think like he must be the peace leader talking on some important issue with his colleague and all that exterior get up is just shyam. Why we can’t think like he must be a yoga teacher who is attending some acting classes on daily basis and for the sake of method acting project on such mafia don or so called politician like characters he is wearing that get up. So this WHY should strike before any preconceived judgement.

So the conclusion of mine regarding this topic is, “don’t waste your time in thinking like such stereotypical ‘golden glitch’ type mentality”. Do something by the way you don’t do it like everyday. Think something like you don’t think like everyday, every minute and every second of your precious life. 

Try not to LOSE

I was sitting inside the packed glass showroom in front of one humanoid and some amount of artificial breathable air. She passed from outside the road like a feather in the whirlpool. She smiled but I couldn’t catch her smile. After that I sat at the same place thinking she will come soon. But in next moment I noticed one family walking on the same street. Family was so hungry, migrated from village, small children were looking at mannequins inside the packed showroom and mother is indirectly asking to her husband to buy those lovely get up for their children. Children’s father were walking straight with the burden of expectations and unavoidable emotions. I took my mobile to capture that real essence of emotion in my camera but in few seconds after that desire the family moved out of my frame. I was still sitting there and thinking of those incidences. One incidence was of that girl smiled and passed like a feather in whirlpool and other was a photogenic image of grungy appearing village family which could have some good instagram likes. I missed both of those and understood one thing that nothing is permanent. This doesn’t mean we should always move from one thing to other but it simply means we should try to hold those moments by gaining proper attention at proper time and moving our hands and legs to catch them by opening the doors of packed and artificial surrounding of our existence

Salt & Sex

Once upon a starry night, a small little girl found one of his teeth had broken down. She kept that tooth under her pillow. She thought that the broken tooth will turn out to something like magic and surprise her with a gift she would wish of. At that night she slept and dreamed of having sex with some unidentified male creatures. Next morning she found her pillow having in trouble with some salty smell coming around it. The girl was actually so innocent and small that she was having no idea regarding that weird dream. She thought it might be some sort of magic happened that night. So she turned her pillow and found that tooth had somewhat crushed and looking like salt and also the smell of salt was coming out of this. So she wondered and asked herself whether the magic had really happened and gifted her a pinch of Salt? She took that pinch of salt and started showing to her friends, living with her in the orphanage.Was that a dream during the sleep or a hallucination?

to be continued..

(This is a purely fictional work. Many threads can connect to this story. So guess next and write in comments)

From- My Dirty Mind.