Salt & Sex

Once upon a starry night, a small little girl found one of his teeth had broken down. She kept that tooth under her pillow. She thought that the broken tooth will turn out to something like magic and surprise her with a gift she would wish of. At that night she slept and dreamed of having sex with some unidentified male creatures. Next morning she found her pillow having in trouble with some salty smell coming around it. The girl was actually so innocent and small that she was having no idea regarding that weird dream. She thought it might be some sort of magic happened that night. So she turned her pillow and found that tooth had somewhat crushed and looking like salt and also the smell of salt was coming out of this. So she wondered and asked herself whether the magic had really happened and gifted her a pinch of Salt? She took that pinch of salt and started showing to her friends, living with her in the orphanage.Was that a dream during the sleep or a hallucination?

to be continued..

(This is a purely fictional work. Many threads can connect to this story. So guess next and write in comments)

From- My Dirty Mind.



My Dirty Mind.

I think with a feminine mind. I behave by one Male dominated style. I swagger like a lion huddling in style. I sleep like having a burning cigar stuffed with marijuana and a glass of old wine. Its crazy and I humble for this dirty mind. I love, my dear I just love to be like hell out of the golden shrine.

From – My dirty mind.